Kayla’s Carefully Curated Home

Kayla’s Carefully Curated Home

Creating a “serene, calm and peaceful space” was the inspiration for this stunning home. Originally from Toronto, Kayla studied, worked and traveled all over the world before moving back 3 years ago. Kayla spent over a year looking for the perfect house before finding this East end gem. The natural light in the house and green surroundings outside it made her fall in love with the space.

The former owner was an interior designer so lucky Kayla benefited from high-end materials and built-ins that came with the home. Kayla followed and improved on the former owner’s furniture layout and design ideas. At just over 2,000 square feet, the house has more than enough room to stay clean and feel zen while showcasing Kayla’s favorite collectibles.

Kayla chose a monochromatic color scheme to create a serene space. She kept the walls white and the decor neutral with grey upholstery and natural wood furniture. The design serves to highlight Kayla’s eclectic souvenirs and artwork. Her travel treasures were brought back from countries including Japan, Sri Lanka, India, France, and Bhutan.

What Kayla loves most about her Toronto home is “how peaceful it is in the middle of the city.” Since moving back to Toronto, Kayla has spent time getting reacquainted with the city and its surrounding area. She’s enjoying discovering new accessories and artwork from shops around the city. Kayla is happy to be living near family and childhood friends. Her carefully curated home is the result of a world traveler falling back in love with her home town.

It’s an honor for some of my artwork to hang in this beautiful home. I hope you enjoy this tour of an art collector’s tasteful home.

— Photographs by Rachael Grad 

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