Art Prints On View at CocoaLatte in Toronto
Art Prints on View at CocoaLatte
Art Prints by Rachael Grad on View at CocoaLatte in Toronto, Winter 2016

Seven of my new limited edition art prints are on view at CocoaLatte in Toronto.

CocoaLatte is a super family-friendly brunch spot located at 671 St. Clair Avenue West. The small cafe rotates showing the artwork of local artists.

I love eating at CocoaLatte with friends and family (see my favorite dish recommendations below!). I’m so honoured that owners Enrique and Christina are showing my art in their lovely cafe.

New Art Prints: Dogs, Cats, Italy

For this show of Art Prints, I selected seven art prints from my series of animals in Italy. My Art Prints are high-quality, limited edition prints of my most popular artwork and photography.

Why Prints of Italy?

Italy is my favorite place to visit and where I was fortunate to study art in the past. The colours, landscape, and architecture in Italy are incredibly inspiring for me. Some of the these art prints are the basis for my paintings and mixed media artwork of animals in Italy.

Why Dogs and Cats in Italy?

In Italy I was fascinated by the household pets that roamed freely in the streets, unleashed but friendly and calm. You can read more about my photographs and artwork of animals in Italy in my post Dogs, Cats & Ghosts: Mixed Media Artwork of Venice, Italy. I adore animals and especially dogs.
CocoaLatte is filled with animal-lovers and there’s always a dog bowl of water outside.

My Favorite Food at CocoaLatte (goes great with art…)

Art Prints On View at CocoaLatte in Toronto, the front view of cocoalatte
CocoaLatte in February 2014. Located at 671 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario

If you’re in Toronto come check it out! While you’re there, try some of my favorite dishes:

  • Nutella Latte
  • Waffle sandwich – the perfect dish for sweet and savory pregnancy cravings with waffle, egg, melted cheese, bacon and maple syrup
  • Chocolate-zucchini vegan muffin (tasty even for non-vegans)
  • Tuna sandwich with soup

See the full CocoaLatte food menu by clicking here.

Special thanks to Enrique, Kristina and the patient staff at CocoaLatte for showing my work at CocoaLatte!

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