I’m Rachael Grad, Artist & Writer

Art is my passion. For as long as I can remember, I’ve created, studied, and obsessed about making art.

My Favorite Art Media & Art Projects

Pregnant Self Portrait #1, Ink on Paper Drawing, 22" x 30", 2012 Rachael Grad Fine Art
Pregnant Self Portrait #1, Ink on Paper Drawing, 22″ x 30″, 2012

I use charcoal, ink, pastels, paint, clay, plaster mixed media, and photography in my art studio practice.

I love experimenting with new materials. My paintings are mostly in oil and acrylic and my drawings in pencil, ink, or charcoal.

I love to paint and draw from life by setting up still-life setups of favorite personal objects or scenes with human models. In the past many of paintings have included self-portraits, abstract interior scenes, landscapes, and female figures.

More recently I’ve been drawing and painting from life objects around my house. My current favorite subjects include a large stuffed toy elephant, rocking horses, and teddy bears.

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My Work Background & Other Projects

In 2008, I left practicing law to focus full-time on painting. At the same time I began freelance blogging on art, design and decor for websites including Dwell Magazine and Apartment Therapy.

Always Learning & Improving 

I love taking art classes and courses and have studied art at New York University (Studio Art in Venice), the New York Studio School, and OCAD University.

My artwork has been shown in solo and group shows in Washington, DC, New York City, Venice, Italy, and Markham, Ontario. I live and work in Toronto, Canada and am currently studying drawing and painting at OCAD University. Want to know more? Hear about new projects and artwork first by subscribing to my Email Newsletter.

More About My Art

Rachael Grad, Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas Painting, 9'' x 12", 2008.
Rachael Grad, Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas Painting, 9” x 12″, 2008.

View my Art Portfolio and read more about my art studio process and artwork in progress over on my Art Blog. Learn more about my artwork and studio art process on these pages:

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