Art for Kids

Comfort Toys and Stuffed Animals

Art for Kids – this body of artwork captures children’s comfort toys and in particular stuffed animals. Shown here are select artwork on Toy Elephant Drawings, Carousel Horse Drawings, Toy Elephant Paintings, Teddy Bear Drawings, and Teddy Bear & Toy Bird Drawings.

These galleries show only a small selection of my artwork. If you’re interested in seeing more Art for Kids, please contact me and check out my online shop.

In making Art for Kids, I’m constantly asking myself: Why do children fixate on one favorite toy? Why do adults keep certain toys and childhood mementos but not others?

Toys as Transitional Objects

Children gravitate to one favorite comfort blanket or toy and project emotional qualities onto it. A favorite “comfort object” like a stuffed animal or blanket takes on emotional and psychological significance to children. These toys serve as “transitional objects” comforting the child as she grows up and learns to separate from her mother.

Children treat these beloved objects as pets, imaginary best friends, or members of the family. Both children and adults project human characteristics onto favorite toy animals. The word anthropomorphic sums up this quality:

anthropomorphic: described or thought of as being like human beings in appearance, behavior, or: considering animals, objects, etc., as having human qualities

For kids, making a work of art based on their favorite comfort toy is a way to preserve the feelings and memories of the toy. A specific phase of childhood can be captured through examining the favorite object of the moment. This is a pleasant process for parents and family members.

Adults’ Favorite Childhood Toys

Adults are reluctant to give away or discard their childhood comfort toys. Creating artwork of a favorite childhood toy or comfort object is a way to turn the beloved object into art. This allows adults to share and prepare their childhood memories. It may also allow adults to examine their attachment to these childhood possessions.