Mixed Media

Please browse through select images of my mixed media artwork in the gallery below. If you would like to see any works in person or inquire about prices or commissions, please contact me. My mixed media pieces are a combination of photography, collage, drawing and painting.

Drifting through the winding streets of Venice, slowing down and getting lost, I found domesticated animals running off-leash. In the public spaces that alternate from empty to full, these animals epitomize freedom. Off-leash and liberated, they are playful yet can turn instantly threatening. Domesticated animals have a long, honored history in Venice: two examples are Saint Roch and the dog that saved his life by bringing him bread and licking his wounds, and Peggy Guggenheim and her 14 dogs resting in eternal peace beside her. The animals today drift in and out of our awareness, occupy a timeless presence and haunting the squares and dead-end canals, and inform my impression of civic order in the proud Serenissima.

I explored the mysteries and history of lingering Venetian spirits and my own discoveries of the city to create an ethereal atmosphere of changing light and reflected color. In Venice I used photographs, drawings and paintings to document my experiences and observations. Once home in Toronto, I used all three media to create an alternate reality based on perception, memory and feeling of a haunted place. The result: reflections of a city from the point-of-views of animals, ghosts and free spirits.

Distortions in light and perception lead to the viewer to question what appears to be real and commonplace. Strange visions occur: a regular cat becomes king of the alley; two dogs stop water traffic in the canal; a lonely dog preaches to the tourists; the city melts into the canal on a hot day.