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Artrepreneur Logo York Region Arts Council 2015 2015 Artrepreneur Program with York Region Arts CouncilThe 2015 Artrepreneur Program with York Region Arts Council

Artrepreneur is a 12-week Business Development Incubator Program for Artists run by the York Region Arts Council. During the Artrepreneur 2015 Program I’m blogging about the topics covered and the experience of participating as an Artrepreneur. This page summarizes all my Artrepreneur blog posts and serves as a map or index for you to read them.

The 2015 Artrepreneur Program with York Region Arts Council has allowed me to reevaluate my art business Gallery Reinvented. To get the latest news and updates on my art projects Click Here to Sign Up for my Monthly Newsletter.artrerpreneur bio rachael grad Gallery Reinvented

  1. Artrepreneur Program: Why I’m Thrilled to be Involved 
    1. This first post about the Artrepreneur Program explains why I applied to it, and what I was looking to get out of the program

      Artrepreneur Week 2: Purpose, Vision, & Mission Rachael Grad Fine Art
      Artrepreneur Week 2: Purpose, Vision, & Mission
  2. Vision, Mission, & Value Proposition (Artrepreneur Week 1)
    1. The first Artrepreneur session was led by Raphael Costa, Small Business Consultant, Vaughn Business Enterprise Centre, and Adam Kallio, Small Business Consultant, York Small Business Enterprise Centre.
  3. Purpose & Vision, Mission, & Strategic Planning & Goal Setting (Artrepreneur Week 2)
    1. David Cohen, The Boomer Business Coach, presented a lot of dense material so I broke down the material into three posts:
    2. Purpose & Vision for Artrepreneurs
    3. Mission & Artrepreneur Views on Business 
    4. Strategic Planning & Goal Setting
  4. Gallery Reinvented’s Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives
    1. This post explains Artrepreneur Task #1 and how working through this task is helping me revise Gallery Reinvented’s Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives.
  5. Environmental Scanning, Surveys, Competition & Market Analysis (Artrepreneur Week 3)
    1. The session was led by Adam Kallio, Small Business Consultant at the York Small Business Enterprise Centre, who covered:
    2. Environmental Scanning & Market Analysis for artists and art businesses
    3. Surveys & Competition Analysis
  6. Survey for Artists & Art-Loversnumbered gallery wall Rachael Grad Fine Art
    1. This post explains the online survey I conducted of my Gallery Reinvented arts business and the survey results.
  7. Business Models & the Business Model Canvas (Artrepreneur Week 4)
    1. This session was led by Jane Gertner of ventureLAB, who focused on:
    2. Business Models
    3. The Business Model Canvas
  8. Meet the Artrepreneurs
    1. Join the Artrepreneurs and 2015 Artrepreneur Program speakers at this upcoming event
  9. Checking In (Artrepreneur Week 5)
    1. Sheniz Janmohamed led an interactive session of exercises to help the Artrepreneurs check-in and reevaluate their businesses.
  10. Branding (Artrepreneur Week 6)
    1. This session was led by Saul Alvarez of Pixel Thought Media.
  11. Social Media Marketing (Artrepreneur Week 7)
    1. Again, the session was led by Saul Alvarez of Pixel Thought Media.
  12. Financial Planning (Artrepreneur Week 8)
    1. This session was led by Eloise Pasianotto of Focal Point Business Coaching. This post covers general financial planning guidelines for artists, arts organizations and Artrepreneurs.
  13. Grant Writing, Sponsorship & Fundraising (Artrepreneur Week 9)
    1. This session was led by Jeanine Marchessault of York University. This post covers grant application, sponsorship, and fundraising tips and resources for artists and arts organizations.
  14. Canadian Copyright, Moral Rights, and Trademarks (Artrepreneur Week 10)
    Blue Copyright Sign. Rachael Grad Fine Art Gallery Reinvented
    Blue Copyright Sign
    1.  This session was led by Jill Tonus of Bearskin & Parr. This post summarizes general issues on Canadian copyright, moral rights, and trademarks.
  15. Executive Summary & Elevator Pitch (Artrepreneur Week 11)
    1. This post reviews the last session of the Artrepreneur Program. Eloise Pasianotto covered how to pull together your business plan with a strong executive summary and compelling elevator pitch.
  16. Final Artrepreneur Presentation on Gallery Reinvented
    1. My final Artrepreneur Presentation slides and bio are shown in this post.

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